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Hue Cycling is the official web page of HGH Travel to introduce the biking tours and bike rental services in Hue, Vietnam.

With years of experience in tourism industry,  passion for bike trips and especially our love for Hue – the ancient capital of Vietnam, we would like to share the most innovative and exclusive experiences with bike tours to tourists who have chance to stay in Hue during their trip in Vietnam.

During this time, we feature most of bike tours in Hue only as there are a lot of untold stories about this beautiful city and her surrounding. Inherited the golden legacy of Nguyen Dynasty, Hue is not only known with her magnificent heritages but also with her essential values lying in religions, philosophy, lifestyle, cuisine and  national traditions that are deeply rooted in all aspects of the daily life of her local residents.

Joining tours with Hue Cycling, you will have a great chance to seek for the authenticity which Hue has it only, experience things in a simple and friendly way like a truly local, capture the beautiful moment of life, people and landscape all a long the beaten track paths to the villages, and more!

Our purpose of organizing bike tours is not only for tourists to experience a different yet authentic Hue but also contribute to preserve and protect the cultural values as well as help the local community to have a better life through offering services and products to tourists. Especially, Hue Cycling will apply the policy of 1 USD Fund which we extract from each tour sold to contribute back to the community that we visit. We strongly hope that you will enjoy our tours to the fullest and will be willing to join hand with us to develop this fund. 

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