Nov 8, 2000

Top 5 Cycling Tour in Hue

“Hue indulges my two biggest passions, namely Culture and Cycling

As a culture person who can’t live a day without cycling, I find myself blessed when living in Hue, a town never short of alluring things. The reason why I think so is because Hue’s not too large compared to other metropolitan cities; and it’s also rich in stunning natural spots and cultural values inherited from Nguyen Dynasty- the last monarchy in Viet Nam. Thus, Hue indulges my two biggest passions, namely Culture and Cycling. Furthermore, cycling is also the best way to explore my hometown thanks to its laid-back yet active characteristic.
I have just found my passion for cycling recently and am so lucky to know some friends  from “Hue cycling and rental”team who invariably share the same interest and join short trips with me. They always come up with ideas to make cycling way more excited than ever before.
Here are the top 5 cycling tours I enjoy and love to show to all big fans of cycling coming to Hue.

"Hue indulges my two biggest passions, namely Culture and Cycling"

1. Hue biking-fishing and cooking class

         This is the very  first and also my favorite tour that I went on with them. I was surprised at new fascinating things when partook a full-day tour to ancient Thanh Toan village, about 8 kilometers away from Hue. I got away from the crowded city center and rode to the beautiful countryside through routes, which are known by locals and pass by velvet rice paddies, temples, and pagodas. Then, it reminded of my childhood when i  shopped at a village market and tried my luck to catch fish with a net or trap on a small boat of local fishmen. Last but not least, as a food lover, I found it like heaven when joining cooking class and learned how to cook VietNamese traditional dishes. Just the thought of those specialities makes my mouth water. 

Joining cooking class and learned how to cook VietNamese traditional dishes. 

2. Hue cycling and Boat Ride

         I still remember the weird yet interesting experience when setting off  the tour on a Hue traditional Dragon boat. This will give you a chance to enjoy the poetic scene surrounding the iconic Perfume river while feeling cool breezes and lead you to one of the oldest pagodas in Viet Nam, the Heavenly Lady pagoda. Additionally, Riding to Hue Citadel  and digging into some daily activities of locals in ancient Thanh Toan village would satisfy history and culrure lovers.

The tour on a Hue traditional Dragon boat.

3. Riding To Meet Hue Artisans

         If you are interested in Arts, particularly in traditional Arts, this tour defenitely suits  you. You will first observe the colorful,vibrant atmosphere the Dong Ba market, a long-standing local market, and catch of glimspse of  Bao Vinh ancient town where there are hundred-year-old houses bringing the sense of nostalgia before meeting the local artisans at Thanh Tien and Tien Non Village. These villages are renown for their handicrafts, traditional paper paintings and paper-made flowers, passed down from generation to generation. Plus, talking and learn how to make them with local artisans help you gain deeper insights about VietNam culture. I believe that all traditional products made by you would be precious presents for your loved ones.

Talking and learn how to make them with local artisans 

4. “Trúc Chỉ”- Bamboo Making paper tour

         You will start the tour by cycling around the citadel and stop at Truc Chi gardern. Truc chi’ is a new form of art in Hue which pays significantly tribute to the revival of Hue traditional craft villages. Truc Chi is proud to bring a traditional technique back to live in contemporate context. Truc Chi art allows artists leave their imprints on bamboo pulp-based products such as lamps, purses, umbrellas, conical hats or decorative paintings. If memories serve me right, I found it challenging for a clumsy person like me to learn how to make a product here. However, it is worth a try because I had first-hand experiences under the thorough guidance and and a lot of interesting stories behind this special Art. Then, the tour continue by visiting a peaceful countryside in the afternoon.

Truc Chi gardern

5.Hue Heritage Cycling

 I highly recomend this tour for those who want to a longer-distance ride, about more than 20 kilometers. Apart from going to Thanh Toan village to see daily local activities and Hue citadel, you will go further to Khai Dinh Tomb, built from 1920-3. Tomb of Khai Dinh Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty is a blend of Western and Eastern architecture. Another interesting point in this tour is you will get on a dragon boat to get back to the city center after the last stop, the Heavenly Lady pagoda.

Thanh Toan village 

All in all, “Hue cycling and rental” is such a professional team with a lot of exclusive, innovative ideas for a cycling tour. Another thing that thrills me is that I can stop anytime and anywhere at will to capture moments of life or have a chat with locals that I run into.  Even though I have been living in Hue for long time , I am always supprised at the off-the-beaten-tracks, extraordinary activities they provide in the tour. I am 100 % sure that they won’t disappoint you if you are are looking for the best and most distinctive cycling tour in town, “the more the merrier” , let’s make friends and have fun together.

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