Nov 18, 2000

Top 9 tips for your first cycling tour

As a  bicycle lover, I love to share some tips for newbies who like to join this interesting experience in Hue or anywher else . If you plan to explore my little Hue, the ancient captial of Viet Nam, by cycling and still don’t know how to make the most of it, then come and join with the team from  at “Hue cycling and rentals”.

Tip 1: “I can do it”
Belief in yourself is the first and foremost thing that will allow you to enjoy your bike to the fullest. If you truly want to do it and have determined attitude, then cycling for long distance is less of an issue.

Tip 2 : Travel light
You don’t to a fashion show so trust me, you don’t need to wear your trendy clothes or an extra pair of casual shoes. You should prepare two sets of cycling shoes and minimal useful-only gear. If you have something that has a double use, throw out the other thing. Lighter is better

Tip 3: Find a partner
“the more the merrier” or sometimes all you need is a company. It would be much easier for your trip if you go with more experienced cyclers, their advice is precious for a cycling trip to be on track. You may not avoid some time that you are in pain or tired or even want to stop, it's much better to tell your company how you are than keep going forward, then you can end up being sick or even giving it up

Tip 4: If you can, get a proper set up on your bike.
You should choose a proper bike that fits your body size. This is to make sure that you will be able to ride with your whole body both strongly and comfortably. If you plan to cycle in Hue you can go to “Hue cycling and rental” to get a top quality touring bike, it holds the advantages of being much stronger and better balancing the extra weight you’re carrying –making riding a loaded bike more manageable.

Tip 5: Train before you travel.
You would do a favor for your stamina and fitness if can practice riding in all conditions: on unsurfaced roads, sand and rocky gravel. Try riding along the white line on the side of the road, maintaining your balance as long as possible. Ride in the rain, wind, bright sun and twilight. Train yourself to adapt to every situation. “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”

Tip 6: Set out with a positive attitude every day – this is huge
Smile if you can talk out loud to yourself positive reinforcement goes a long way. If you're feeling and acting positively, the day will feel shorter, easier and better. It will be easier for your companions too. Think Dory from Finding Nemo: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…”

Tip 7: Learning how to use your gears will mean you can set off in the right one
Please remember “The higher slope, the lighter your gear ”. There is no reason to be a hero and try to reach the top first. There will be another to climb and then another… Spinning your legs faster in a lighter gear is better for your knees and muscles than slowly grinding in a harder gear. There would be lots of things and places to come, so please take care of your knees.

Tip 8: Make realistic goals:
Break up the day into manageable parts, use meals or tourist attractions along the way as designated rest stops. Give yourself enough time – Allow yourself all the time in the day, there's no hurry. If you are riding to a schedule, try to leave by a relatively early time in the morning instead of pushing on into the night.

Tip 9: Act like a cyclist.
A cyclist normally needs 3 things– clothing, nutrition and body care. Firstly, Wear proper cycling gear – padded lycra shorts 'knicks', lightweight top and breathable socks, all of which you can find “Hue cycling and rentals” – you'll sweat less and feel more comfortable on the bike. Secondly, keep your thirst quenched and your hunger satisfied – drink more water than you think you need – once you've had a good swig, drink that much again. Eat healthy energy-rich snacks such as bananas and scroggin throughout the day. Finally, Stretch after every ride – active stretching is the best but any stretching you do will contribute to tomorrow's ride being more manageable and enjoyable.

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